Our passion is history. Our motto is to share it with you.

That idea lies at the foundation of our on-line antique shop, Derubeis, whose founder is a doctor of history and a graduate from Jagiellonian University as well as Sorbonne.

Our business involves two areas of activity:

We sell old and rare books dating back to 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

Also, we sell old securites like stocks, shares, bonds, mortgage bonds, calls, cheques, receipts, etc.

All items displayed in our shop are unique and authentic. We have no interest in copies, reprints or reissues. We believe that only genuine books and securities have their own unrepeatable and special history.

Regarding old prints, we specialize in Fench old prints of 17th, 18th and 19th century, in polonica most of which were written in Fance and are connected with Polish emigration in France of those times. However, that is not all. Everybody can find something that suits their interests.

Moreover, we offer antiques appraisals as well as we search for specific antiques that you need. We also help our clients to start their private collection or a library and we help them to keep it growing. We specialize in rare items but we try to keep the prices affordable.

Regarding securities, we sell documents which have been replaced by their electronic versions in the modern world. Old bonds, shares or mortgage bonds can make beautiful decoration of your apartment, office, restaurant or hotel.

In our collection you can find decorative papers as well as shares of well-known brands and makes. Upon customer's request, we design and arrange collections which add real „art deco” spirit to interiors.

We anticipate collectors whose hearts beat faster at the sight of an old share in an album. We feel the same!

Books and securities sold in our shop can make a great investment. Many of them have a quality of uniqueness; therefore, you will not find other issues on Polish antiquarian market.

Why are we on-line? Because we combine the past and the future. Easy access and good value for money are our priorities.

Enjoy your shopping!

Dr Kamil Świderski


  1. All prices in our shop include VAT and are given in Polish zloty.
  2. To buy an item, add it to the cart (click on „order” button), confirm you order in YOUR CART tab and enter your shipping address. Now, the items in your cart are reserved for you.
  3. After your order is placed, it will be confirmed by an e-mail instantly.
  4. A sum of 10zl must be added to the price to cover shipping fees. A shipping fee is the same regardless of the number of items bought. All consignments that we send are registered letters or parcels of priority. We make sure the packaging is reliable and damage proof. Upon customer's request, we send the parcel as a valuable package. For overseas shipping, please consult us via e-mail.
  5. Payment must be done by a direct money order to our bank account. All necessary details regarding payment will be sent in the e-mail confirming your order. The payment must be received within 7 days. Otherwise, your order will be annuled. For regular customers, special deadlines may be arranged.
  6. Upon customer's request, we write out simplified invoices. We do not write out VAT invoices.
  7. All items sold in our shop are second-hand and cannot be a subject of complaint. All the pictures and descriptions of the items are reliable. We are ready to answer any questions regarding the sold items by e-mail.
  8. The securities that we sell have only collection value and they cannot be a subject of any financial claims. We do not take responsibility for their use after the sale has been made.
  9. Please note that it is illegal to take any Polish publication dating before 100 years (value more than 6000 polish zloty)  abroad without the formal permisson from National Library.
  10. Grading system of securities:
    • UNC – uncirculated, brilliant condition
    • EF – extra fine
    • VF – very fine
    • F – fine
    • P – poor
    All grades can be modified by „+” or „-”
  11. The condition of old prints is provided in a form of descriptive grading.
  12. We offer 5% discount on all purchases above 100zł.

Enjoy your shopping!

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